A Universal Islamic Phenomenon in Turkish Religious Practice: the Fethullah Gulen Case

Mar 11 ’12

Gulen’s Message to Prime Minister Erdogan

If you were to write a letter or send a message to the Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan, what would you tell him?

Instead of what I would say, let me use a saying of our Prophet: “If God has blessed a state president, a sovereign, a ruler with mercy, He provides him with qualified viziers (consultants) who will guide him from wrongdoing to righteousness.” Many great statesmen were raised both in the Ottoman State and in the Republican time.

But the problem was the lack of consultants who were qualified to guide these statesmen to the truth only for the sake of the interests of the state and the nation, seeking no personal aspirations.

In the past, perhaps even though it was not my job to do so, I sent my greetings and reverence via a friend to a former head of state, enclosing the following thoughts “Do not be content with employing consultants only from among the admirers of your party. Do not only speak with your own organizations. Benefit from the wise people who love Turkey; because they act objectively, and seek no personal gain.” I gave some names with whom they could consult concerning various issues of Turkey.

In my message to Mr Erdogan I would tell him to seek wise people who don’t have any political goals, who are concerned with the truth, and to consult with them frequently. This seems to me very important when standing firm on one’s own two feet. I would have sent the same message to Mr Ecevit and Mr Demirel, if I had had to.

Source: This is a part of an interview with Fethullah Gulen by Mehmet Gundem of Milliyet Newspaper in Turkey in January 2005. Click here to read the full interview.

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